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Learn how Yeshua/Jesus is not who you think he is. Learn how he kept and taught the Oral traditions of Judaism as well as how he challenged those in his own day. Are you a Christian wanting to know the Jewishness of Jesus? Are you an Orthodox Jew who wants to know Yeshua as a rabbi and how he is not who the Jewish community says he is? Or are you just curious? Join to watch this online course for only $8 a month. 

Yeshua and the Oral Law Course


There are two different versions of Moshiach (Messiah). The Jewish Yeshua or the Christian Jesus? In this course you will learn through the Four Gospels line by line and examine Yeshua's life and teaching as it relates to the Oral Tradition. This course is currently under development and videos will be added as they are produced. The small fee covers some productions costs of this project as well as the general work of our ministry while protecting our content.

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3 Plans Available, From $8.00/month

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