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Free anonymous text in Number

Are you an Orthodox believer (or seeker) in Yeshua and feel isolated and alone?

Are you thirsting for more teaching about who Yeshua is?

Are you wanting to grow in your relationship

with HaShem and understanding of Yeshua? 

Text to ask questions anonymously 

Number is: +1 855-782-6078

If you would like to study one on one live, please email us at to schedule a conference call. You don't have to give any personal information. 

Just say in the email - you want to study X topic and the times and days that work for you (please mention time zone). 

We will email you setup a study for a live session - completely free and anonymously.   

For your information - we are fully observant believers in Yeshua and of Orthodox Judaism and its Halacha. . 

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