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Parsha Vayeshev

Rashi states the P’shat of this Passuk- “this means a garment of fine wool. It is like כרפס and turquoise wool and like the fine woolen tunic mentioned in the incident of Tamar and Ammon. And an Aggadic Midrash says that the word פסים is used to describe Yosef's tunic because of his troubles. : for he was sold to Potiphar, and to merchants and to Ishmaelites and Midianites." This is also interesting because in the Chassidic Haggadah it is mentioned that Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch says about כרפס "There is another lesson from the כרפס. We start eating, but make an interruption. Only after the Haggadah has been recited do we continue. A parallel pattern can be seen in the redemption from Egypt. First, Moses told the people they would be redeemed. Afterwards followed months of slavery and exile, and finally the redemption was completed. Why was this sequence necessary ? because the Jews were not ready for redemption immediately. At first they lacked the necessary spiritual awareness and would not have a genuine desire to come close to G-d. Therefore the redemption came in stages, each stage whetting their spiritual appetite and arousing their desire to relate to G-d."

This idea of stages of redemption is also found throughout the Ramchal's Maamar HaGuelah, as well where he speaks of the four stages of Golus/Guelah and much of the Maamar concerns itself with Moshiach ben Yosef. Further in Bereshis 37:8, we also find a hint of this stages of redemption when it says in the Passuk המלך תמלך and משל תמשל there is here the sense of two rulings over the brothers- why does it use the phrase המלך תמלך and משל תמשל. This to me coincides with the Rabbi Menachem Mendel's thoughts of two parts of redemption. We also only see Yosef ruling over his brothers once. Furthermore the Baal Haturim brings down an interesting Remez on the woolen tunic "The literal meaning of the Baal Haturim's wording here is And he intimated to him that he transmitted to him the end . But it is not clear as to which end the Baal Haturim Refers. פסים- The gematria of this word (190) is equal to that of קץ (the end) Yaakov alluded to Yosef that through him Yaakov's descendants would descend to Egypt and be enslaved there but G-d would reduce the duration of their slavery by (קץ (190 years. Moreover, Yaakov intimated to Yosef that he had transmitted to him knowledge regarding the end of exile." (There is another midrash{Perkei D'Rabbi Eliezer} which states that the secret of redemption transmitted from the Patriarchs down through the generations was tied to the five letters of the aleph-bais that have two forms כ״ף מ״ם נ״ן פ״ף צ״ץ. Each of the five letters are connected to a different redemption..... The letter צ will be used twice when the HKB"H will redeem Israel from the final period of exile as it is said G-d said behold there is a man named צמח and he will flourish in his place Zech. 6:12 see also Jer. 23:5.

If the Baal Haturim's comment is based on this second Midrash then Yaakov transmitted to Yosef knowledge regarding the end of all exiles." Alternatively פסים is related to the term פסו they have vanished, Psalm 12:2 and תמו they were consumed. Psalm 73:19 because it was this tunic which caused Yosef to die before any of this brothers. Alternatively it is called פסים פיוסים Alternatively the gematria of פסים is equal to that of the phrase the palm of his hand." This Remez is amazing in light of the fact that we know from the Talmud in Succah 52B that Moshiach ben Yosef when "we will look on him whom we have pierced and mourn for him as an only son" Zech 12:10. It is further amazing in light of the stages of redemption. And it is known of Harav Yeshua HaMoshiach was pierced in the palms of his hands, and also we know of the stages of redemption from the teachings of Messiah when he says he will return, to bring the physical Guelah as Moshiach ben Yosef's gilgul will be Moshiach ben David. We also know of Moshiach ben Yosef that they cast his tunic with lots that for it is said "and they crucified him and parted his garments casting lots that it might be fulfilled by the prophet they parted my garments among them and upon my vesture (tunic) did they cast lots".

We also know that Moshiach vanished for it says " You will see him return in the same way you saw him leave" In conclusion the secrets of the end fully being realized in the woolen tunic- and the secrets revealed to Yosef being made known to us who hold Yeshua the Moshiach, I will quote and amazing sod from Chassam Sofer. " Yaakov had made this special garment with Hashem's holy names on it. This gave Yosef protection as long as he wore the garment. The brothers knew that wearing the garment made Yosef invulnerable they were afraid to touch it directly. Therefore they had no choice but to pull the garment off itself without touching the tunic itself.....Still another interpretation is that a fine woolen tunic actually refers to a spiritual garment which Yosef made for his father by becoming worthy to receive the Torah teachings Yaakov had learned from Shem and Eber. In a similar vein, we find in the Haftorah of Shabbos Chanukah that the garments of the Kohen Gadol Yeshua besmirched by the sins of his children who had married gentile women, were returned to their clean slate once the children had atoned for their sins. So too, Yosef clothed his father in a beautiful spiritual garment though his acceptance of Yaakov's deepest Torah teachings. In return, Yaakov gave Yosef a material garment as a sign of gratitude to his favored and most worthy son." May we all merit the same for the spiritual tunic Moshiach gave us, may we learn the deep secrets and acceptance of the deepest of Yeshua HaMoshiach's Torah teachings.

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