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Parsha Vaeyra

This Parsha has a lot of things I could talk about in it- but I will again try to keep it simple. This morning while davening I had a very interesting Kavanah while davening in putting on my Teffilin as well as during the Akediah which of course both are connected intimately with this weeks Parsha. This morning while wrapping tefillin I had in mind the desire to leave my own personal mitzraim. I also connected it with the fact that Hashem unbind the bound. We start this weeks Parsha begins with Avroham Avinu recovering from his circumcision - sitting in the heat of the day- leaving behind the uncircumcised ways of his family- a type of mitzraim. Rashi brings out of course the importance of the fact that it is pesach “ At this time next year there will be life. The term כאת means at this time next year. It was pesach and on the following pesach Yitzhak was born. The term כאת is understood this מדלא קרינן כאת since we do not read it כאת. “ We remember the leaving of Mitzraim by binding the Teffilin to our arm to remember the outstretched arm by which Hashem removed us from Mitzraim. Yitzhak also born on Pesach was bound later- specifically to two logs- it mentions in the siddur in ketoros that two logs were used for the sacrifices and there is an obvious connection between Yitzhak and Pesach. These ideas tie in very well- I could go on but it is getting close to Shabbos but suffice it to say that the connection of Yitzhak the firstborn being born and connected to Pesach in such an important way is something we should all bring with us as we daven each morning for redemption from our personal or familial mitzraims. 

Secondly it is very interesting as the midrash rabba and Ramban brings out about Yitzhak and the Akeida that Abraham Avinu wanted to mar Yitzhak in order to make him not worthy to be an olah sacrifice as the only way to sacrifice the ram that was destined to this sacrifice from before the sixth day of creation - the same as messiah’s name and Bilam’s donkey- and all these are connected to messiah as well and the benefit at which the children of Israel gain their merit from every Yom Kippur. The מאלחת that is used because it devours the skin and flesh of Yitzhak it is a devouring knife as he is placed upon two logs bound around his arms to resemble the lambs of Yaakov who are ringed. Yeshua gives us commands to take up our עץ אלה every day follow him may this be ever in our thoughts as we daven and bind Teffilin as well as say the Akiedah we need to have in mind the mitzvahs as well as the humbling of ourselves to serve Hashem and Hashem only and to be bitul nefesh for the Cavod of Hashem and his Moshiach. Chazak 

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