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Parsha lech Lecha

So this week has so much again for my wife and readers like her I will try to keep it simple and short. We begin with Lech Lecha which can encompass books if I let it. It is most strikingly a story about leaving Golus, it is also interesting to note that Rashi brings out that this is not simply a geographical place but that according to Midrash this is talking about his family. Just a quick note here there may be some of you looking for community as Yeshua as Messiah that may mean taking a step to personally Lech Lecha from what you know a place of rejection, doubt, suspicion of who Moshiach Ben Yosef is and to leave that place. One thing that I want to assure you is that never does this mean leaving Torah and mitzvahs and Judaism or Jewishness it means instead leaving to the land above Torah a deepung of Torah.

The last Lubavitcher Rebbe has a Sicha on this Parsha in which he teaches Lech Lecha is about possessing the 3 kingdoms Edom, Ammon and Moab. Rashi on Bereshis 15:18-19 Once these three have been taken by the Jewish people the middos and lower sefirot will be on a level of the fiftieth gate. This gate is what I believe Rav Shaul points out as fruits of this gate- love, joy, peacefulness, gentleness, goodness, kindness, humility, patience, self control. This is the realization of the fiftieth Gate when attached to Moshiach. 

To my friends who believe that Yeshua is Moshiach I encourage you to Lech Lecha from your family of hatred, anger, debauchery, lasciviousness, drunkenness to a life truly being an example and making others disciple of written and Oral Torah as well as when people are ready inviting them to the fiftieth Gate of which Yeshua is the entrance and the way. So it has been short this Shabbos and hopefully after Shabbos I will give all the Rabbonim quotes that have informed this post. Until then Lech Lecha from Lawlessness, work on Middos, seek the three upper kingdoms and hopefully enter through the fiftieth Gate that only Moshiach knows and reveals from his deepened Torah Chadushah- not a New Testament Ch”S- but a deepened Torah and mitzvahs as our master revealed in Matthew 5:17-20  

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